While you might think that you are safe when talking on your cell phone, you are in for a big surprise. Straight out of the sci-fi movies, cell phone spying has become very much a real thing but before you fret, it would be a good idea for you to know more about mobile phone spying and how you can actually make use of it to your own advantage.

How Does Cell Phone Spying Work?

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Before you get into doing what a cell phone spy does, you need to first understand how mobile phone spying works. While a bit of technical knowhow is needed, the process is actually fairly easy to understand. This part will also explain some of the most common spying methods that are employed by a mobile phone spy. You can start by understanding how mobile phones work. Mobile phones connect to a network by sending a unique code by which the network identifies that particular device. The network then connects the device to the target device to make the call.

Mobile phone spying works by intercepting and tracking these unique codes to identify and monitor the cell phone units that use these codes. This of course is a rather simple explanation of the whole process. In order for the cell phone spy to get access to the target cell phone’s data, it needs to have a certain access point. For simple location purposes, mobile networks actually let the public track access their database of registered cell phone units and track their current locations. The service is open to the public through the network themselves or through authorized third party providers.

However, there are cases where a cell phone spy seeks more than just knowing the current location of the target. This is especially true of unscrupulous entities who want to extract vital information from unsuspecting cell phone users. As the mobile network providers are keen on maintaining the privacy of their users, they have made sure that accessing user data without permission is prevented. However, this does not guarantee that your data is safe. In fact, mobile phone spies have exploited a lot of vulnerabilities within the system to breach and collect cell phone data from unknowing users. Viruses and malware from downloaded applications are some of the most common methods used by cell phone spies to track and gather information secretly, as they can be hidden well.

Why Spy on Cell phone Users?

Spy UserLocation tracking itself is in most cases not considered as a spying activity. In fact, many networks and third party providers often have location tracking apps and services for the public to use. These apps are geared towards parents who want to keep track of their kid when they go out, as well as social services for quick response in case of emergency. However, location tracking becomes a spying activity when it is used without the permission of the target.

On the other hand, unauthorized gathering of information from cell phone users is considered as a legitimate spying activity no matter what the case. Identity theft is one of the most common reasons unscrupulous parties have for spying on cell phone users. Simply looking through the tons of data being sent by users through their cell phones can reveal vital information that these parties can use to hack through personal accounts, including bank accounts. There is also the more sinister motive of gathering vital information (such as company secrets) from select targets for some malicious purposes.

Detecting a Cell Phone Spy

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with cell phone spying is that it is hard to detect. It could go on for months before you even get the slightest feeling that someone is monitoring your cell

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phone use. However, that does not mean that a cell phone spy can go under the radar completely. There are hints that you can take a cue that something fishy is going behind your back.

Peculiar cell phone activity is often the biggest tip-off to possible cell phone spyware. If you find that your phone’s battery is draining faster than usual, it can be a sign that some unknown program is running. This can be easily confirmed by checking your data usage, if it is running at a much higher rate, chances are a malicious program is working in the background. On the other hand, you might notice some strange noise when in the middle of the call or you keep receiving some odd messages.

Browse through your cell phone’s files. If you are familiar with most of the content of your phone, you will be able to spot an unknown file. However, note most of the mobile spy software can disguise themselves as normal files. In case you can’t find these, it would be better to bring it to a qualified technician for a closer look.

Dealing With Cell Phone Spying

In most instances, simply deleting the malicious software is all it takes to deal with cell phone espionage. However, some cell phone spy software can embed itself well within your phone that simply deleting them is not going to work. In this case, you have no choice but to reformat your phone’s storage in order to completely erase the spy software.

Deleting the mobile spy software is only the first part of dealing with these spy programs. You also need to see how much damage the program has done. Check out your personal accounts to see whether or not they have been tampered with. It would be a good idea for you to change your account details, such as passwords, immediately to be sure that they won’t be accessed again by unauthorized parties.

Preventing cell phone spying is certainly much easier than having to deal with it later. As a rule, you should only get your applications and other mobile software from trusted sources, for instance, official websites. Also, it would be a good idea to run your applications under a malware scan in your PC before installing them into your phone just to be sure that they are safe. Finally, make it a habit to regularly scan your phone for suspicious files and remove these immediately.